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Dear International Guest, welcome to Macerata! In the following pages, you can find some useful information in order to have a clearer idea of what the Department of Law of the University of Macerata offers in terms of teaching and learning opportunities.

Macerata is a small but lively city in central Italy, with a beautiful historic centre, wonderful museums and one among the oldest and most renowned Italian Universities. The entire city life is focused on the University, and people from Macerata are proud of their Alma Mater.

The Department of Law is the oldest department of the University. Nevertheless, it is continuously engaged in the challenge of updating itself and catching the most innovative trends in legal issues. It has an internationally recognized reputation, and has traditionally been eager to host first-class visiting foreign scholars interested in delivering courses and seminars.

In 2017, the Department has been awarded from the Italian Ministry of Education as one of the Country’s best 15 Law Departments.


Incoming Students

Incoming Teaching Staff