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Department Research Activities

The Department of Law, in its mission, favours excellence and innovation both among its researchers, lecturers and professors and among its students. It encourages quality research work and promotes internationalisation.

Research work carried on in the Department of Law is focused on innovative topics related to national, international and comparative Law, as well as local and international Economics.

Among others, we point out  the following research themes:

  • the Europeanization of private international law of succession;
  • cooperation between China and Europe in the fields of health care, renewable energy and environmental protection;
  • protection of young suspects in interrogations;
  • optimization of professional training of translators in a multilingual Europe;
  • inclusive society and historical characters of fundamental rights;
  • Article 3 of the Constitution and the legal protection of the individual;
  • new frontiers of law;
  • the democratic principle in the making and implementation of International and European economic law;
  • history of criminal law and justice;
  • constitutional history
  • determination of synthetic cannabinoids “Techno Cannabis” in biological matrices from living being for forensic purposes;
  • agriculture contribution to sustainable development: food, energy and territory.

The quality of the research work carried on  in the Department favoured the creation of international networks, the participation in national and international research projects, including European projects of the 7th Framework Programme with the role of coordinator (Poreen, Grage, Alice, Heart), as well as an intense activity of Conference organising.

Research Centres

The Department of Law also joined  some Interdepartmental centres of the University such as:


Inter-University Research Centres:

The Department of Law attributes importance and care especially to international education and training of future jurists. Along the years its professors have stipulated international agreements with illustrious European and international Universities in order to offer its students education and training experiences in Universities of other countries.

The University of Macerata promotes the European Charter for Researchers.

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