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Dear International Student, if you are on this page, you are considering to come to Macerata for an international mobility; congratulations for your choice!

Erasmus+ and international students in Macerata will take advantage of an environment both cosy and international at the same time, of Macerata’s ideally central position in Italy, and of the facilities and possibilities offered by the Department of Law. Among them, we must highlight the newly rebuild Law Library, unveiled in February 2019.


According to the rules established by each partner University, incoming students in Macerata are allowed to spend here either one or two academic semesters.

The University and the Department organise an Erasmus+ welcome day at the beginning of each semester, and the incoming students are strongly encouraged to be present, in order to acquire the information they need for their fruitful stay at the Department of Law.

In any case, Erasmus+ incoming students must get in contact with the Department’s Erasmus+ coordinators ( For any general issue or question on the courses and exams, they are free to refer to them, while for remaining issues on the Erasmus+ mobility the most proper contact is the University’s International Relations Office (


Before arriving in Macerata, incoming students must fill in a learning agreement stating the courses they are intended to attend, and the exams they would like to sit for in Macerata, and to submit it to their Home Institution Erasmus Coordinator.

As each University has different rules when it comes to the ECTS credits each course is granted, we strongly encourage the incoming students to consider carefully the courses are interested in, also with reference to the number of credits such courses have.

As a general rule and for instance, if an incoming student needing 6 ECTS credits in his/her home University is willing to take in Macerata a 15 ECTS credits course as a replacement, it is not possible to reduce the syllabus for such 15 ECTS credit course so to fit the 6 credits needed. Nor is it possible to change the syllabus just for the incoming international students. For these reasons, it is very important that incoming students carefully choose the most proper courses for their learning agreement. In order to do that, you can find a specific page in this website, and information on the list of the courses held at the Law Department here.

Please, be aware that the Learning Agreement can be modified eventually during the stay, upon approval of both the Home University and the University of Macerata, but it is strongly advisable to have it as stable as possible.


Erasmus+ students are strongly encouraged to attend the lectures of the courses chosen in the learning agreement, even when this is not specifically required for their Italian colleagues.

Exceptions to such rule must be always agreed, on an exceptional basis, with the course leader.

In any case, the incoming student present in Macerata during one semester is entitled to take the courses that are lectured in that semester only.