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The Prism of Sustainability

Multidisciplinary profiles: law, economics, and ethics Final conference of the Jean Monnet Chair Business Law in the European Union and Sustainable Economy Macerata, March 30 & 31, 2023 - Auditorium UniMC

You find here the programme of "The Prism of Sustainability", the final conference of the Jean Monnet Chair BLEUSE (Business Law in the European Union and Sustainable Economy).

The conference takes place in Macerata, Auditorium UniMC, Via P. Matteo Ricci, 1, and is online streamed on the UniMC youtube channel - Online questions in the comments or via twitter [Twitter preferred hashtag: #BLEUSE_finalconference]

For allowing a better organisation, please register at this link, by March 27.


The programme and the speakers (click on the name for details)


Day 1 - Thursday, March 30

8.45 – Registration

9.15 – Institutional greetings and general presentation

Prof. John Mc Court, Rector of the University of Macerata

Prof. Stefano Pollastrelli, Dean of the Department of Law

Prof. Alessio Bartolacelli, Jean Monnet Chair “Business Law in the European Union and Sustainable Economy”


9.30 – Keynote speech

From Sustainability in Law to Sustainability Law?

Beate Sjåfjell, University of Oslo, Norway & Collège d’Europe, Bruges, Belgium


10:00 – Session 1: Legal Foundations and Sustainability

- Chair: Chiara Bergonzini, BLEUSE Key Teaching Staff member, University of Macerata

  • Sustainability in the Fundamental Charts, with a Focus on Italy, Daniele Porena, University of Perugia (online)
  • Italian Constitution’s New Art. 41 and Circular Economy, Francesco De Leonardis, University of Macerata
  • Business Risk, Financial Markets, and Sustainable Companies, Christopher M. Bruner, BLEUSE Key Teaching Staff member, University of Georgia, USA
  • Q&A


11.15 coffee break


11.30 – Session 2: Sustainability: governance and reporting

- Chair: Francesca Spigarelli, BLEUSE Key Teaching Staff member, University of Macerata

  • The Challenges of Sustainable Company Management in a Digitalising Society, Florian Möslein, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany – Visiting Professor UniMC
  • Governing the Relationship Between Public and Private in a Sustainable Way, Marco Brocca, Salento University
  • Sustainability Reporting: the New Directive and Its Impact on SMEs, Deirdre Ahern, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (online)
  • Sustainability Accounting in Family Businesses of Marche Region: a Case Study, Roberto Del Gobbo, University of Macerata & Group LUBE
  • Q&A


13.00 lunch


14.30 – Session 3: Human Rights, Social Foundations and Sustainability

- Chair: Benedetta Giovanola, BLEUSE Key Teaching Staff member, University of Macerata

  • The Social Foundations of Sustainability, with a Focus on Human Rights, David Monciardini, University of Exeter; UK
  • Enterprises and Human Rights: the Employers’ Perspective, Pedro Oliveira, Director for Legal Affairs, Business Europe, Brussels, Belgium (online)
  • Companies and Human Rights: the French Experience with the Act on the Duty of Vigilance of Parent Companies, Sophie Schiller, Université Paris Dauphine, France (online)
  • Environment, Climate and Migrations. A Reading between Legal History and Literature, Eliana Augusti, Salento University
  • Q&A


16.00 – Session 4.1

Communications session 1 – PhD candidates

- Chair: Pamela Lattanzi, BLEUSE Key Teaching Staff member, University of Macerata

  • Elena Codoni, University of Macerata & University of Paris-Est Crétéil (French benefit companies)
  • Clara De Chirico, University of Macerata & University of Ottawa (Canadian indigenous communities and sustainability) (online)
  • Davide Clementi, University of Macerata (Environmental courts in Asia)


16.45 – Session 4.2

Communications session 2 – Early Stage Researchers

- Chair: Ninfa Contigiani, BLEUSE Key Teaching Staff member, University of Macerata

  • Giacomo Menegus, University of Macerata (Sustainable tourism)
  • Cristiana Lauri, University of Macerata & European University Institute (Governing smart sustainable cities)
  • Olena Liakh, Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna (Strategies for sustainability change management at universities)

17.30 End of Day 1


Day 2 - Friday, March 31

9.15 – Session 5: Environmental sustainability and economic development: open issues

- Chair: Chiara Feliziani, BLEUSE Key Teaching Staff member, University of Macerata

  • Economic Development and Green Transition: Renewable Energy, Paola Chirulli, Sapienza University of Rome
  • Sustainability as a Driver for Industrial Transformations: the Challenges for the Antitrust, Daniele Calisti, EU Commission, GD Competition
  • Energy and Climate Emergency in the Light of the Next Generation EU, Andrea Giordano, Judge of Italian Supreme Audit Institution, serving as vice-Chief Cabinet, Italian Ministry of Environment
  • Financing the Green Transition: Green and Sustainable Bonds, Elettra Agliardi, Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna
  • Q&A


11.00 coffee break


11.15 – Session 6: Sustainability in action – the case for a sustainable urban environment

- Chair: Laura Vagni, BLEUSE Key Teaching Staff member, University of Macerata

  • Participatory Urban Regeneration Models, Marco Calabrò, University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"
  • Case Studies on the Governance of Abandoned Properties in Sicily: 1 House for 1 Euro in Small Villages, Alessandra Pera, University of Palermo
  • The Role of Plant Variety Protection in Fostering Sustainable Innovation in Urban Agriculture, Serena Mariani, University of Macerata
  • The Ethics of Sustainable Urban AI, Simona Tiribelli, University of Macerata (online)
  • Q&A


12:45 – Wrap-up: Alessio Bartolacelli, University of Macerata, Jean Monnet Chair BLEUSE

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