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The Department enhances the activities of the third mission through constant contact with companies, professional associations, local authorities, associations, etc. The involvement of the stakeholders and the sharing with them of knowledge and expertise takes place through multiple channels.

Curricular and extra-curricular traineeships, carried on in companies, professional firms, and in public and private bodies by undergraduates and graduates from the Department constantly strengthen such relationship.

Particularly, third mission policies of the Department are fed by the connection with the requests and needs of the local area, together with the fruitful relationship of cooperation with businesses, and the world of work and professions. Such relationship is strengthened thanks to specific events in which the local area and community are involved, also by means of European projects. Moreover, speakers representing the business world, professions and society are periodically invited and they bring their points of view into the various scientific debates organised by the Department.

In this regard, the activity of traineeship carried on at the European Documentation Centre by a student must be highlighted. It permitted to enhance the relationship with the schools of the local area, particularly with the Liceo Classico-Linguistico Giacomo Leopardi and the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "Bramante-Pannaggi" in Macerata.