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Study plans a.y. 2022/2023

Course of the LMG/ 01 Class

One-block postgraduate degree course in Law (class LMG/01) (1)

International Double Deegre with the University of Orléans / FRANCE

The course in Law offers the "Comparative, International and European Law and Innovation Programme" (CIELIP) that allows students to attend some English courses.

Courses of the L-39, LM-87 Classes

Undergraduate degree course in Theories, cultures and techniques for Social Work (class L-39)

Postgraduate degree course in Policy making and planning of Social Work (class LM-87)

Courses of the L-14, LM/SC-GIUR Classes

Undergraduate degree course in International, European and Comparative Legal Studies [IECoLS] (class L-14)
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Undergraduate degree course in Sciences for Legal Services with five curricula (class L-14): (1)

- Employment consulting

- Legal Advisor for Public and Private Entities

- Court and criminological clerk

Transport consulting

- Sports Legal Advisor

Postgraduate degree course in Legal Sciences for Innovation with two curricula (class LM/SC-GIUR):

Law and security of new technologies

- Maritime transport and port logistics

(1) The course includes e-learning services.