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Publishing in a foreign language and open access

In 2020, for the distribution of funds to support the publication of works in a foreign language and open access, the criteria identified in the 2019 call (which remains open) are confirmed. Applications can be submitted to the Department Council until all funds are used up (€ 3,000.00 to be added to the residual 2019).

Budget: € 5,000 in total

The budget of this line is to be understood as overall for the two strands:

A) Proof reading / copy editing

B) Contribution to the payment of fees for open access publications.

It is not a competitive tender, but is based on the request of the interested party, until the available funds are exhausted. The concession depends on the presence of factors that testify in favor of the seriousness of the publication, with the obligation of indication by the applicant.